Monday, April 16, 2007


Hehe...dear concerned readers, sorry for the outburst in the previous post. Hormonal changes and lack of sleep (for I burnt the midnight oil to complete my assignment) had made my horns and tail grow (AGAIN). Haha...reading back the posy made me laugh (while it scared Adrian! Sorry again, man!). See, I became angry because I asked some double-edged question and Brian didn't know how to reply my question so that none of us would be hurt! Hahaha...I lubbdjuu Grandpa! Sorry for asking you difficult-to-answer questions! :P

So anyway, hormone is back to normal again but stress is building up again with all the terms in the TITAS book (O_o"). Haven't even touched the other two subjects that I have to sit for this week! STRESSSSSSSS!!!

*SIGH* feel so much better now! Better hit the books or Grandpa will win the bet and I will have to wear a yellow polka dot shirt to class!! *shudders* GOOD LUCK EVLIBODY!!!

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