Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not housewife material

Would you take up a job offered by one of your loved ones if the job offers you a bed, meals, 10% of whatever earnings of the boss, lots of care but no opportunity of a promotion, no bonuses and no pay raise? Seriously, would you consider it?

Ever wonder how big a sacrifice your mother must have made to stay at home and be a slave to you and your siblings when she could have earned more money, and do so much if she had chosen to work? Well, I suppose I am one of the lucky ones to have a housewife as a mother. Believe me, I did not feel much pride in telling my friends or filling in forms that says my mother is a housewife. I used to be ashamed of the fact that my mother was not some doctor or earning millions. I knew that my mother quit her job and became a full-time mother after many years of working, but I still looked down on her for being a housewife. How naive I was!

You can say that I took my mother (sometimes I still do) for granted. I did not appreciate the fact that she took care to clean the house daily (and our house is the old-fashioned type, so it's quite big), to wash our laundry, to buy grocery, to cook good food for us and do other superwoman stuff just to make our lives easier. I mean, do you stop to think and appreciate the fact that you have a clean house to return to everyday? The house did not become clean on its own, you know?

I took over some of the work that my mother had done for the past 20+ years for 2 days last weekend and those two days have convinced me that i would not want to be a housewife EVER, if I can help it! Cleaning the house, washing the laundry, and buying grocery is not a problem. The problem is that all the hard work that you've done is unappreciated. AND when there is this lacking of appreciation, most people wouldn't think twice to dirty up the place again less than an hour after you've gone down on all fours to clean the darn floor!! Shheeeshhh... And I can't imagine how my mother had taken all that frustration in, besides having a supervisor to comment on which spot she had left out, and which spot should be cleaned again.

The Supervisor!

I mean, if it were me, I would have volunteered myself to be admitted into Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan in one year's time! It's hard work, it doesn't pay much, it doesn't gain recognition and any form of appreciation, most of the time it only makes you frustrated...and that's only the housework. I have not included the pieces of char siew that you would have given birth to and raised. Man, I had given a pretty bad time to my mother during those times. Haha...

Well, the moral of the story are:
1. Don't quit your job to be a housewife, EVER.
2. If you still want to be a housewife, have only 1 kid or none!
3. Appreciate your housewife mother / wife.
4. Clean up after yourself la... cleaning up after 2 or more people is hard work, you know?
5. When you have started earning money, give some to your mother la.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma!! I Love You!! Thank God, you are back home now!! :P
(Yeap, it's not Mother's Day, but can't we treat every day as a Mother's Day and appreciate her anyhow?)

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