Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Celebrating at Chili's


I just came back from having a pig-out with Brian at one of our favourite eating places. Well, today calls for a celebration as I only have one more assignment to complete and hand in. The days of toiling to complete assignments after assignments, and to prepare for presentations after presentations are almost over! No more moody days! No more late nights! And joy of all joys, no more being a panda-lookalike!!

So anyway, yeah, this post is about food again. Sigh, what to do? Look at our sizes and you would know that food is our pet subject. ;) My motto since young is to live to eat. I mean, munching on food is somehow very therapeutic to me. I feel calmer and can think better when I am chewing. Even though we are no food critiques (we wallop everything that is edible), we enjoy going around looking for good food.

One of the places which serves good food and are REALLY filling is Chili's. I used to be a glutton and was unwilling to share the food that I ordered for fear that I would not be full. One try of sharing our favourite dish was enough to make me realize that it was silly of me to think that I would not be full in Chili's. I mean, the servings are HUGE (and some are bottomless, which means that you can ask for refills).

So, Brian and I always go for the bottomless fountain of drinks. Sometimes, as "appetizers", we'd order the bottomless beef queso. This queso thingy is really yummy. You can dip the nachos in either the beef queso or the salsa sauce. Mm-hmmm...and the best part is that the nachos and salsa sauce are refillable! For the main course, Brian and I like to order the Mushroom Jack Fajitas which was recommended to us by my favourite lecturer. You would have to ask for a refill of the Fajitas at least once to finish piling on the grilled chicken, cheese and what nots on them. Brian and I tried spreading a layer of the beef queso and a layer of nachos before piling on the usual cheese, tomato, grated cheese, grilled chicken, capsicum and onions today. And the taste? It was heavenly. Mm-hmmm...makes my mouth water again just thinking about it (although I am still stuffed now). =P

Hehehe...enough of describing it, drool over the photograph of the food! =P Bon Appetit!


fluotone said...

I love you sweetheart :)

Yup still full from Chili's yesterday hehehe... how?

melwin said...

hmmm looks like Brain and u can start a new show "Eating with us!" hehehehe
take more pictures lah...plus tell me about the price so i can save for it...heheheh
j....after this we r going to school...i think thats worse....

Jiawen said...

I love you too Brian... :)

Melwin: Hehehe...ok, will take more pictures next time. The meal cost us about RM 65. If we had shared our drink it would be less than RM 60. Smaller eater can probably share it with 3 people. My sis, bro-in-law and I shared it once when I was still ona diet. Hehehe...